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Know your courier: Which courier service is right for my business? Same Day v Multi-Drop.

Are all courier companies the same? Broadly speaking, no. The courier sector is largely divided into two main categories:


  • Multi-Drop

  • Same Day


While both multi-drop couriers and same-day couriers offer fast delivery services, they cater to vastly different needs. Parcel Pal specialise in the latter – Same Day deliveries.


For example, let’s take a look at some key elements from each category. Beginning with Same Day couriers.




Definition: Delivers your package(s) on the same day you book the service.


Focus: Speed and urgency.


Ideal for: Critical documents, time-sensitive items, or when deliveries need to arrive in a specific order. Abnormal, oversized and heavy items typically catered for. Fragile and/or high-value items.



Fastest possible delivery within the same day.

Tailored service with dedicated courier for your package(s).

Flexibility in pick-up and drop-off times.



Usually more expensive than multi-drop due to dedicated service.

Less eco-efficient for longer journeys.

Although available to customers, predominantly work B2B.




Definition: Delivers multiple packages, in a concentrated area, within a single trip - stopping at several destinations.


Focus: Efficiency and cost-effectiveness.


Ideal for: Businesses with several deliveries in a localised area, such as the same city or postcode. Good for distributing a large, wholesale, quantity of goods across a network throughout the country.



Saves time and money compared to individual couriers for each stop.

Potential to reduce emissions by using hybrid and/or electric vehicles in local areas.

In almost all circumstances, will often be cheaper than same-day couriers for many deliveries.



Deliveries might not arrive in a specific order.

The service may not be suitable for urgent deliveries within a tight timeframe.

Typically weight, size and length restrictions apply.

Damage and/or loss of consignment risk increased significantly.


Choosing the right courier service for the right job is important, so it’s worthwhile considering the merits of each respective service. Below is table as a guide to making an informed choice.


Key Differences:





No. of deliveries


One or few


Cost effectiveness


Ideal for

Concentrated deliveries

Urgent, time sensitive needs

Delivery order

Not guaranteed

Bespoke/specifics possible


Often cheaper

More expensive


More efficient

Less efficient


Small and/or weight restricted

Any size/weight/length


Finally, it’s important to consider you, your customer’s and your businesses priorities when deciding on the best logistical solution to your needs.


If it needs the fastest delivery possible - choose same day.


If you have multiple deliveries in a confined area, with no major time restrictions, multi-drop is more cost-effective. However, if a specific delivery order is crucial, then a same-day courier might be a better option.


Budget could be a major concern, therefore, multi-drop can save you significant money. But if it’s fragile, valuable or sensitive, there are risks putting your consignment into a network with millions of other goods.


Ultimately, the best choice depends on your specific needs and circumstances for each delivery. Take each consignment on it’s own merits.

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