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Know your courier: What a same day courier company actually does

In the second part of our two part blog, we’ll take a closer look at what a same day courier actually does compared to the multi-drop side of the industry.

You may remember in part one of our blog, we looked at the different types of courier companies and the work they undertake.

Broadly speaking, the sector is divided into three main categories:

·         Mutli-Drop Business to Business (DHL, Fedex, UPS, etc)

·         Multi-Drop Business to Customer (Evri, Yodel, Amazon, etc)

·         Same Day Business to Business

You can read more, or refresh yourself on this topic, by clicking the link below to read part one of our blog again.

Parcel Pal specialise in same day courier work. Typically, these are single point-to-point jobs, delivered direct with a dedicated man and van.

Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round, same day courier work deals with express deliveries, time critical consignments and bespoke designed collection and drop off points.

But there are notable and significant differences to what a same day courier does to their multi-drop compatriots. Below are some key examples that separate Parcel Pal from multi-drop companies.

·         Vehicles are tracked in real time so you always know where your consignment is

·         Drivers are vetted and certified to do a professional job for our customers

·         We only collect and deliver from and to the addresses you specifically supply us

·         Goods delivered safely and securely – they’re the only consignment on our van

·         Photographic proof of delivery and a hard copy signed POD as standard

·         Abnormal sized goods and un-palletised loads catered for

·         Fragile loads secured and provided with a dedicated service for delivery

·         High value and sensitive goods undertaken

·         Temperature controlled deliveries including, ambient, refrigerated and frozen goods

In summary, if you have concerns about your consignment travelling on a multi-drop next day network, it’s worthwhile considering what the alternative is.

This is when a same day courier company like Parcel Pal comes into their own. Helping businesses with practical logistic solutions from anywhere to anywhere – at any time – across the UK mainland.

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